99% of the World’s Data…


Yes, we will have a quick chat about 99% of the world’s data. Did you know that 99% of the World’s data was created in the last three years! There is no denying that we are much more connected than we ever were and this data is only going to skyrocket once we start consuming IOT devices and applications. (Internet of things).

Scientists estimate that the total data in the world is about 350+ exabytes – Thats 350 Billion Gigabytes and growing at 23% yearly – and this is just an estimate. So should business leaders invest in big data? Absolutely! According to a Forbes research, 89% of business leaders agree that big data is the next industry disrupter and will revolutionize how decisions are made. Gartner forecasted that 2016  is a digital era where big data is going to be a big disrupter.

So are you just collecting data or are you going to do something with it? Let me know in the comments below..

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