vQuicky – For the impatient like me

> Double cloud proxy is the fastest reverse proxy to work with

> It is simple to run and does not need to be installed or anything.

> It is simple to implement and capture api data


So we were running into some issues with an application using vcenter via the vcenter APIs. Now we were unsure about the issue and needed a reverse proxy that can spit out all the api calls going back and forth from the application to the vcenter API.

Now before I say more – having vcenter set to trivial logging will give you all the info needed but thats a lot of lines to go through in the logs and the logs can grow beyond a decent size very easily. You can also use onyx, but I had no experience with it.

Doublecloud to the rescue. Doublecloud proxy is a java based application written by Steve Jin and it can’t get any better than this. This not only captures all the api calls in soap but also can spit out java code – how cool is that. It also has python code in the works – basically spitting out python code for a call.

Its super easy to run this. Simple download the java program and make sure you have java installed on your system. Once done just doubleclick the proxy jar file. You will a gui as follows.

Click play, and it shows the following dialog box. Fill in the dns name or ip for the vcenter and leave the port mappings as default.

Once you are done, use your vmware client or what ever application that wants to connect to vcenter and use the proxy’s ip and your regular vcenter id and password to connect to it. For instance if doublecloud proxy is run on your computer then the vmware client should connect to localhost on port 1545 with your regular login id and password.

Below is what you will see in the doubleproxy cloud gui while vmware client is connected the vcenter.

Once you have all the info here – you can save it to a file as well.

More info – http://www.doublecloud.org/doublecloud-proxy/

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