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> VMware bundles vSphere with Operations manager – calls it vSphere with Operations Management

> Licensed per cpu and not per vm.

> Bundled operations management is standard – with custom dashboard

> ROI is via denser hypervisors due to the analytics engine in vcops that helps in right sizing vms.

> Need extra license for charge back manager.

> VCOPS for enterprise is licensed per vm as usual.


News is that on Feb 12th, VMware released vSphere with operations management bundled software. This is more targeted towards small business customers and also towards having more faster adoption of operations manager.

Licensing will be based on the number of cores as opposed to per vm. But this is the licensing only when its bought bundled. You will not get vmware charge back and that would be a separate product that you will have to shell out money for. To justify your licensing costs by buying the bundle – vmware says that you can use the operations manager to actually properly size the vms to their work loads and be able to have more denser hypervisors allowing for cap ex savings. This surely is a true statement because vcops (as its known) helps in consolidating a lot of your vms and sizing them properly and reclaiming cpu/disk and memory. Right sizing environments is of ample importance as your vm foot print grows.

The bundle has vcops standard and below is the pricing. It also allows you to have custom dashboards!

VMware Online Store - Product Information - Google Chrome_2013-02-14_23-10-29

It makes sense for vmware to do this. vCloud suite – vcops is designed and built for large environments however this bundle helps small to medium businesses to take advantage of vcops and be able to have more detailed insight on their datacenters.

What do you think about this bundle?



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