Learning VMware NSX Second Edition Released

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Just in time for VMworld 2017 which officially kicks off in an hour from now, the second edition of “Learning VMware NSX Second Edition” released.

I took all the constructive feedback from the first book and incorporated in the second edition. The second edition comes with all the applicable updates for NSX 6.3.3 and brings deep clarity to help you get started quickly with VMware NSX.

Software-defined Networking not only makes it easy to connect your networks and expand at fission pace, but also makes it a breeze to connect to multiple public clouds with near zero infrastructure investment (The statement depends on your topology).

Order your’s today and feel free to get back to me for all feedback. It will be most welcome.

Order today at –



Lastly, many thanks to my readers and last but not the least, my lovely Wife and my lovely Pup who remind me why we need to smile every day and celebrate our lives.

5 Thoughts on “Learning VMware NSX Second Edition Released

  1. I bought your book based on the fact that you mentioned that it had been updated for NSX 6.3.3 but on page 10 of the book it states that NSX 6.2 is the current version as the book was written?

    • Hello Bob,

      Looks like that is an error on part of the publisher and I will send this feedback to the publisher right away. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I assure you the book was written for 6.3.3. Thank you for taking time to let me know.


  2. Great, I was hoping it was a typo! I’m already on page 40 and enjoying the book so far 😉

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