So I blew it, I tried upgrading vcenter but found it was easier for me to just uninstall the vcenter 5.0 and reinstall it with vcenter 5.1

However I underestimated the processes. I had to install vcenter SSO service first, then vcenter inventory service and finally the vcenter server. I do not recall that there was this dependency with 5.0 but its clear that in 5.1 we need those.
It just surprised me. It just threw an error if it should overwrite the vcenter server thats already registered with the current inventory service from the 5.0 version, I chose yes.
What I would ideally like is independent boxes doing one thing only. As in a separate machine doing db and separate vcenter, sso and inventory service boxes. I run two Dell T110 boxes and one AMD box that I built.
I might have to order more ram to max them to be able to support all my desires.
On a second thought, wanting to run nested vmware over OpenStack. Get a taste of both worlds!
More as I know it. How does your lab look?

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