Preview New Products in Amazon AWS

Two products are in preview mode in AWS. This is a brief post about them.

DMS – DMS stands for database migration services. This service allows you to migrate a source database to a target database by means of a replication instance. AWS also allows you to migrate to a different database by using the AWS schema generator tool to generate a new appropriate schema for the new database. The replication appliances or instances are at the heart of the conversion process where all the conversion takes place. It is available in multiple sizes and depends on your performance requirements.

Below is a list of different sizes of the replication instance available.

Some points to remember.

  1. During conversion source db is fully operational and the process is non disruptive.
  2. Any delta changes at source are also fully replicated to the target. The replication appliance takes care of this and also does compression.
  3. There are no hidden charges – you only pay for the size of replication appliance you deploy regardless of your db size.
  4. Transfer between similar databases or transfer among dissimilar databases.
  5. DMS can also be used as a disaster recovery product because of its ability to constantly replicate the changed data from source to target.

Elastic File System – AWS enters the file storage sector by introducing the elastic file system – a file storage system over NFSv4 protocol. We know that S3 provides object storage and EBS provides block storage for AWS work loads. Now EFS provides file storage allowing for easy consumption for your workloads.

Some points to remember.

  1. EFS has no base charge and is pay as you go at 0.30 cents a GB. You only pay for what you use.
  2. EFS is mounted directly to your EC2 instance and multiple EC2 instances can share a EFS mount.
  3. EFS is backed by SSD storage and there is no additional cost for performance gains.
  4. EFS in theory is advertised as unlimited growth.
  5. Multiple EC2 instances in different Availability zones in a region can access the same EFS instance.
  6. EFS instance is replicated across multiple availability zones.

Hope this gave you a pretty high level over view of what AWS has up and coming.

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