Running Usbarbitrator Start Issue

So I am not sure why but my home lab breaks almost all the time.

This time I got this error running ESXi 5,
“Running usbarbitrator start”
My box was stuck for a long time and then booted. My box does run off of a usb stick but that shouldn’t have been an issue as it worked just fine until now.
Googling –
So the USB Arbitrator service allows for usb passthrough. Now if this service is running, it will not allow you to access usb devices in the service console. Now I am not sure why this is causing an issue for my box. Vkernel log shows,
“usb passthrough enabled; all eligible devcices will be unclaimed by kernel drivers…”
Now I logged in and went directly to the console and disabled the usbarbitrator service. I couldn’t login to the client and it kept kicking me away.
“chkconfig usbarbitrator off”
Official vmware doc says you need to reboot your server once you turn the usbarbitrator service off. KB Article here
What I had done to land here was enable jumbo frames for my iscsi traffic by increasing the MTU to 9000. Now I did not worry about if my tiny hub will support that. (I knew it wouldn’t) but I wanted to try anyway. I consoled into my box and wanted to restore the setting back to 1500 MTU as it previously was.
When I tried esxcli, it told me I was not connected to the host – how can that be when I am ON THE HOST itself. Weird.
Luckily esxcfg- is still around. I used the esxcfg command to change the MTU back to 1500.
esxcfg-vswitch -m 1500 vSwitch1
Where vSwitch1 is my switch whose nic was set to 9000.
A reboot was done, still having the same lun error
“Failed to reserve volume f530 28 1 4a9e0771 8ab78754 15007a6b a2446817 0 0 0 0 0 0 0”

I checked my Nexenta iscsi storage and it was doing fine. Lun status was up and no errors. 

Alright, so now I went in the console and ran the following command to disable swiscsi.

“esxcfg-vswitch -d swiscsi”

A reboot was done and system came back up fine. Now I was able to login to the client but was seeing the same,

“Failed to reserve volume f530 28 1 4a9e0771 8ab78754 15007a6b a2446817 0 0 0 0 0 0 0”

I rebooted my san device and this error instantly stopped and vmware client access restored along with the lun and all my vms seen.

There after there was no issues at all.

Let me know if troubleshooting helped you or worked for you.

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