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vcenter web client ova/ovf deployment error

vcenter web client ova/ovf deployment error


> Found out that deploying and ovf/ova file using vsphere web client fails

> Deployment errors out while selecting storage – “No Datastores Found on Target” and/or “cURL error: Couldn’t connect to server”

> File can be deployed using vsphere windows client.

> VMware aware of the issue and the only work around is to use the windows client.


When deploying an ovf/ova file using the vsphere web client – the process fails while selecting the datastore. You see a “no datastores found on target” error. This is a bug so don’t panic 🙂

The work around is to use the vsphere standalone client to upload the ova/ovf files.

If you want to check out the kb article that talks about the datastore error but not about the cURL error – click here.



If Everytime I had a nickel for when my home lab broke – I would be filthy rich!

As always my vcenter 5.1 broke. Started throwing unable to connect to vcenter/sdk error. When I logged in as the SSO admin I did not see vcenter registered. For some reason it disappeared.

I am still yet to fix the issue but came across this KB which helps you with re-registering vcenter components to each other. It is by no way intuitive and is all command line.

This will be very handy now that vcenter has all its services separate! You have to make sure all the moving parts, SSO, Inventory Service, web service and vcenter are connected and aware of each other – not in that particular order anyway.

Here is the KB

Update – I only have vague update on my issue with vcenter. I gave up and went ahead to reinstall just the vcenter vm – found out it kept giving me inventory server error. vCenter talks to the inventory server on https://inventory-server-url:10443 however it kept failing.

I re-installed the inventory server and then it worked fine, so the above issue was possibly due to something messy in the inventory server.

More as I know it.