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> DRS has a bug that shows multiple vmotions or svmotions for a single vm

> The bug reports operation not allowed in current state.

> The DRS operation, however succeeds.

> The bug is harmless and can be ignored according to vmware.

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So, in the latest KB articles come up a DRS bug in 5.1 where you will see multiple vmotions or svmotions for a single vm. The alerts end up throwing an error saying – “The operation is not allowed in the current state.”

The kicker is that the vmotion or svmotion that was being performed completes without any issue.

You will also see some logs in the vpxd log file as follows –


[07208 error ‘drmLogger’ opID=task-internal-1-2cbc1369-5e-72-b5] [DrmExecute::ExecuteVMotion] VM (/vpx/vm/#2/) is already in VMotion, so not executing another vmotion
> 2013-01-16T15:55:32.018+01:00 [07208 info ‘Default’ opID=task-internal-1-2cbc1369-5e-72-b5] [VpxLRO] — ERROR task-13275 — vm-2 — Drm.ExecuteVMotionLRO: vim.fault.InvalidState:

> –> Result:
> –> (vim.fault.InvalidState) {
> –> dynamicType = <unset>,
> –> faultCause = (vmodl.MethodFault) null,
> –> msg = “”,
> –> }
> –> Args:
> –>


The vmware kb article says that this is a bug that can be safely ignored. Apparently they are working on a fix but watch out for your monitoring systems ringing the alarm bells 🙂

You can find the kb article here.

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