I know am late to the party but Yes there are many tools that allow you to check out what your I/O performance on the hypervisor looks like but I particularly like this fling. Recently I ran into a ton of storage issues while using vcloud director to spin up >10 virtual machines. Now random I/O isn’t great especially when you are using a vmax as a back end storage – what makes it worse that it was a shared array. Although separating them on to their own disk spindles might have helped but really without VASA enabled we weren’t getting anywhere.

This fling deploys as a virtual appliance and has a interface that automates and reports back storage performance with “graphical results”!

Here is an excerpt –

I/O Analyzer can use Iometer to generate synthetic I/O loads or a trace replay tool to deploy real application workloads. It uses the VMware VI SDK to remotely collect storage performance statistics from VMware ESX/ESXi hosts. Standardizing load generation and statistics collection allows users and VMware engineers to have a high level of confidence in the data collected.

It also has a full blown installation guide which makes this one awesome fling.

Check out this cool video – the video is for version 1.5 while version 1.6 is out already.

Check out the fling here.

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