VMworld 2017 – IT Meeting OT

IT/Digital transformation is the wave upon which all the major enterprises are hitching a ride. It promises not just innovation but faster product to market, cost reductions and over all revenue increases across the business.

This VMworld 2017, the theme is undoubtedly focused not just on technology, but on business outcomes through IT/Digital Transformation. It is important to remember that what you are doing or working on does not matter if it fails to achieve effective long term business outcomes. This is what every business executive is driven towards – to achieve these business outcomes with maximum efficiency and minimal costs.

As technologies evolved, business were quick to extract more value out of their physical assets without increasing costs (and assets) exponentially. This has undoubtedly increased the consumption and management of these ever growing and highly sought after resources.

Companies today lack the resources, the understanding and the necessary customization that are required to build these transformational processes that drive the efficiency engine behind IT/digital transformation. Applying older processes to a advanced technology is equivalent to having an advanced engine in a 1940’s sedan. The engine will work well but the sedan will simply fall apart.

We will continue this discussion and talk about identifying different aspects of IT transformation and gradually take the conversation to OT (Operational) transformation. Stay tuned.

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