Have questions about vSphere replication? Does it do compression? Does it encrypt? What if the vm is powered off – does it replicate?

Well I had those questions and found all the answers in this awesome FAQ that vmware has put out. Really liked it and had some good Q & A!

Some of the questions are below –

If using VMFS, do the source and destination volumes for vSphere Replication require the same block size?

No. vSphere Replication deals with disks at a much higher level, and is unaware of the block sizes that the underlying VMFS is using to store VMDKs.

Can vSphere Replication tasks be scheduled?

No. vSphere Replication is Recovery Point Objective (RPO) based and scheduled per ESXi host. 15 minutes is the most aggressive RPO that can be selected via the UI.

Does vSphere Replication maintain virtual machine snapshot hierarchy?

No. vSphere Replication does not maintain virtual machine snapshot hierarchy at the secondary site.

Are there any special VMDK disk requirements to support vSphere Replication?

No. You do not need eager zeroed thick disks or any other special requirements. Physical RDMs are not supported.

Click here for the FAQ!

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