I did not closely follow the vsan announcement from VMware however this is what I could pick up by the folks who were there to listen about this first hand.

  • 32 node support (up from the 16 node support announced at Partner Exchange last month, and up from the 8 nodes which we supported during the beta)
  • 2 million IOPS (using IOmeter 100% read, 4KB block size. Also 640K IOPS using IOmeter with 70/30 read/write ratio & 4KB block size)
  • 3200 virtual machines (100 per node)
  • 4.4 PB of storage (using 35 disk per host x 32 hosts per cluster)

There is also interoperability with vSphere Data Protection for backups, vMotion, DRS, HA, VMware View and vSphere replication for DR etc. VSAN is set to go GA on March 10th and no pricing or licensing was announced yet. This will probably be after March 10th.

Taken from Source.

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