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The other day my vSphere client started showing logs (in the events tab) as XXX.Snapshot… This was actually on another pc and I thought the hypervisor went FooBar. I was operating a vSphere 4.1 box and using a vSphere client 4.1 obviously.

Turns out it was localization issue. Localization issue means vSphere client’s default language is different than what the vCenter is installed as. That did not still make sense to me that why would that matter in the logs – everything else was in English.

Regardless, the fix was to set -locale en_US to the vSphere client. You do that as follows,
1. Click start–>run
2. Type vSphere client executable path
“c:/……./vpxclient.exe” -locale en_US
3. Click ok

That should do it. Make sure you have the language pack installed on your OS incase you were using something else as a base language.

Let me know if you want to add to this or correct me 🙂